Exploring Etna

From our Rifugio Ragabo there are several routes that you can walk freely with different degrees of difficulty. Our Rifugio is a great starting point to visit caves of volcanic origin and old lava flows or to go for a Sunday walk with the family in the middle of the centuries-old Ragabo pine forest.

Quad driving
Do you want to explore Etna in an adventurous way? Go quad driving on a quad excursion. You will explore unknown places and parts the Etna volcano, in maximum safety and respect for the environment.

The excursion with Etna quad starts from our Rifugio. You can participate only by reservation, contacting Etna Quad directly.

Site: www.etnaquad.it
Telephone: +39 339 58 75 145
E-mail: info@etnaquad.it

Jeep excursions to the top of the volcano
Rifugio Ragabo is located just 5 km from Piano Provenzana, a point where excursions in 4×4 vehicles (jeeps) depart to the top crater at a altitude of 3300 meters.

Mountain bike excursions
Right in front of our Rifugio starts the famous and characteristic “pedemontana” off road route for mountain bikes. This route is  about 42 km and makes a half turn on the volcano Etna through woods and flows and passing at the foot of old craters. There are several tracks that can be followed depending on the duration.

Excursion horse riding
If you want to immerse yourself in nature on a horse, there start horse riding excursions with all levels of difficulty and duration directly from our Rifugio.

Donkey excursion
If you want to explore Etna in the traditional way you can venture into a special experience as that of a nice tour with the donkey as it was done by our ancestors.

Our Rifugio is located in the central area of a national orienteering map, a destination for many fans of this sport.